The Indigo Wombat (indigowombat) wrote in neuropride,
The Indigo Wombat

Glossary Process(ing)

Based on the thinking I've done today, I'm going to modify my original goal of writing 10 glossary entries for the neuropride site every day this month. 5 entries a day is more realistic; I misjudged the sense of scale as far as number of words per entry, so 5 entries a day should yield the same amount of actual content that I was originally planning on. Today has mostly consisted of creating a list of terms to create glossary entries for; I've got 32 terms in my list so far, although some of them may be combined into single entries. I'm sure as I write up entries, ideas for more terms will be spawned in the process, as I search for words to use in order to describe the existing terms. I've also done a great deal of thought and planning on the structure and theme of the entries. Thinking about it globally like this, rather than forcing myself to break it down into pieces in a way that might not feel natural to me, is more helpful for the way my brain processes. After a locked post by azalynn in asperger, on the topic of optimal learning processes for those with AS, I received more validation and certainty that I should go with the way my brain naturally wants to attack this project, for maximum effectiveness. Which makes even more sense considering it's a neurodiversity-themed site. ;)

No actual entries written yet today, but I think I have almost 5 that are nearly ready to come out. They're still all turning over in my head and being refined, though, prior to being actually written out. I'll try to let them evolve as much as I need to. I hope it's soon, for the sake of creating as much content for the site as possible in the time allowed, but I know that when I allow my brain to work naturally, the output comes prodigously when it does start flowing, so I'm not too worried.

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