The Indigo Wombat (indigowombat) wrote in neuropride,
The Indigo Wombat

Social Conformity Disorder

In working on the glossary of terms for the neuropride website, I'm developing a new definition for a disorder that neurodivergent individuals may often suffer from. The proposed disorder is to be called "Social Conformity Disorder", and it is the result of an individual with fundamentally divergent neurology attempting to adapt their behavior, language, and thought patterns to the social standards of neurotypicals when this is not consistent with the orderly functioning of their own neurology. One goal of my efforts in the neuropride movement will be to petition for this real and often debilitating condition, that afflicts a large portion of the neurodiverse population, to be officially recognized in medical literature.

The effects of this disorder can include depression, anxiety, and anger, as well as decreased functioning in social settings, in academia, or in the workplace, as a result of attempting to force themselves to function in a way that is inconsistent with their fundamentally divergent nature. A neurodivergent individual that does not suffer from this disorder has achieved a state of comfortable adaptation to society in a way that honors their fundamental divergence, often capitalizing on the assets of their divergence to the mutual benefit of themselves and society, so as to compensate for the ways in which their divergence may function as a hinderance.

For a neurodivergent individual, attempting to force oneself to behave as a neurotypical can result in a legitimate state of disorder, and this should be recognized as such.

Will crosspost to asperger and to my personal journal.
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