The Indigo Wombat (indigowombat) wrote in neuropride,
The Indigo Wombat

Agenda for May

My primary focus for this month will be the development of the forthcoming official neuropride website. I have one month to generate a sufficient amount of content to create a useful and informative resource for people with questions about neurodiversity. Given my rate of output of expression on topics I care about, over the past few months, this seems like a realistic and useful goal to set.

The tone of the website shall be based on a message of universal tolerance. Although for me, this is a spiritually based philosophy, I do not intend to explicitly discuss my spiritual and religious perspectives on the site, except in the following contexts: as part of a biographical article on myself as the operator and content provider of the site, as a mention that the services and resources offered by the site are services I provide on behalf of my ministry and future church, and in discussion forums where it seems called for to speak about my personal views.

The backbone of the site, from a content perspective, will be a glossary of neurodiversity related terms, presented from a perspective intended to promote tolerance for diversity in all its forms. My goal is to write up at least ten glossary terms every day this month. Whien there are days on which I fall short of my quota, I shall endeavor to make up the shortfall on future days. As I establish this as the backbone of my daily routine to create content, I will occasionally write longer articles on neurodiversity-related topics, as the inspiration strikes me. I will be seeking inspiration for other resources and services to provide for the site as well. I have many ideas, but I am not yet clear on the details of how they will manifest. I will discover this through the process of creating the site.

Now, to work.

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