The Indigo Wombat (indigowombat) wrote in neuropride,
The Indigo Wombat

Neuropride T-Shirts Debut!

Hey everyone. Great news; the Neuropride T-Shirts are ready to go into production! They'll be sponsored by my new ministry, the IncandEssence Ministry. And the best part is, we're making them freely available to anyone who wants them. Just submit a request, and you'll be put on the waiting list.

Of course, the more donations we receive on behalf of the ministry, the more quickly we can get everyone their T-Shirts. So, when you donate at least $20 to the ministry, you can have your T-Shirt request expedited so it will be guaranteed to be included in the next batch of shirts produced. Even if you can't afford or don't want to make a donation, though, your request will be still be honored. And, of course, if you would like to contribute a little extra to help us get as many T-Shirts out there as we can, that would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Details on how to request a T-Shirt and/or donate to the ministry can be found here. Thanks, and I hope to get your T-Shirts out to you as soon as possible! I'm really excited about this. :)
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