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Refusal - I don't get it

Twice today I have encountered autistic phenomena that those with more typical wiring wouldn't be able to nut out or understand.

The first time was Zilari's blog. She talks about how she melts down. Her co-workers then claim the responsibility. She explained that the root of this behaviour was that she doesn't know how to get along without a script. I imagine many of you might be able to identify.

The second time is for me emotionally difficult. One sister is dealing with her younger Asperger sister. She thinks the sister is a bit spoilt. They don't have a diagnosis. Anyway she had a cavity and is not allergic to latex. She said she could not get the sister's refusal to learn, to do, to tell. I thought it was not refusal in the sense neurotypicals would use it, and it was not helpful and counterproductive to frame the problem in this way. I think it is more like inertia.

Nobody chooses to have a meltdown or to refuse something perfectly normal like a cavity. I think with all difficult behaviour there is a purpose and a reason. What do you think?
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